99StreetStylez photography by M. Salomon

Marc Salomon

Freelance Photographer based in Nürnberg, Germany.
Mainly Streetphotography beside all other Genres of Photography.
Member of Nürnberg Unposed Street Collective

Brands & Clients | worked with

Ceydam Music Productions, Skunkfu.com, Cinemathek, Häfner&Häfner Brothers in Art, Bürgerverein St. Leonhard, Turbokolor Fashion, Lost Souls Dancing Group, FSW Initiative Plakatdruck, All4One Dance School, Zahnarztpraxis Blistyar, Friseur Jese, Willie Tanner Band, Radio Energy, Zahnarztpraxis Pfrang, Schützenverein Mimberg.

photographic VITA

until 2002 voluntary lab service in monochrome Lab - city of Nürnberg
2002 professional training as a photo designer, then freelance photographer working at eye-D Photodesign nuremberg
since 2007 Freelance Photographer in sparetime
2010 starting street photography intensively
since 2020 member of nuernberg unposed street collective

Exhibitions and Publications | mentions

-2019 Solo Exhibition at Weinerei Nürnberg - Streetphotography 99StreetStylez

-2020 participation with virtual prints at Ostanders Festival

-2020 Community Exhibition at Kater Murr "Streetlife by Nürnberg Unposed Collective"

-2021 Guerilla Exhibition Nürnberg City Center, Weinerei and EspressoLab

-2021 OpenGallery Meet and Street outdoor in Frankfurt, germany

-2021 Street Photo Festival Hamburg / Photobia Hamburg Exhibtion

-2021 Open Gallery at Meister Kamera Hamburg

-2021 mention with one photo at Urban Street's Highly recommended photos in youtube

-2022 English Post Franconia coverphoto

-2022 Coverfoto Eye Photo Magazine Gallery Selections #02

-2022 one photo printed in Eye photo magazine Gallery selections #03

-2022 one photo printed in Eye photo magazine Gallery selections #04

-2022 Community Exhibition at Weinerei Nürnberg together with Nürnberg Unposed Collective

-2022 Mention Lensculture Street photography awards

-2022 Open Gallery Hannover Opernplatz Meet and Street Festival

-2022 Fotopark Forchheim - Exhibition outdoor at Forchheimer Stadtpark together with many other photographers

-2022 Solo exhibition at Cafe Strandgut Nürnberg "Street:Colored" by Marc Salomon

-2023 Exhibition at Centre Culturelle in Nizza, France together with nuernberg unposed collective

-2023 Annual Master Exhibition at Gemeinschaftshaus Langwasser Nürnberg nuernberg unposed collective

-2024 Printed in the Dutch Street Magazine Issue 10 March 24 download here

-2024 Printed in the Magazine Metropolens Issue No.1 visit

-2024 Print published solo as a special edition by DocuMagazine Buy here

Myself shown on youtube , heard/mentioned in podcasts or blogs

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-German Street Photo Festival Presentation September 2021:

-Mention in the video from Samuel Lintaro Hopf:

-Meet and Street Festival in Hannover, see me in the video from Jochen Müller:

-Interview with Jochen Müller about Streetphotography and collectives:

-One of my photographs shown in Urban Street's Highly recommended photos:

-Interview with Kai Behrmann Gate7 Podcast about streetphotography in hamburg:
hear it on spotify

-Interview about streetphotography Podcast from Märy and Joe:
hear it on spotify

-Mentioned in the Year Summary Video from Jochen Müller at 4:25:

-Interview about streetphotography at Leica Store Nuremberg by Michael Birnbacher:
hear it on spotify

-Portraitmode.io Blog article "The definition of streetphotography" shows one of my photos:
read the full article

-Vernissage of my exhibition in Nice, France together with nuernberg_unposed collective:
youtube short film

-Unposed Podcast about my photography (produced by Wolfgang Mertens):
unposed podcast

-Youtube Video from MeetandStreet2023 Festival in Nürnberg, Germany by Jochen Mueller:
MeetandStreet23 by Jochen

-Youtube Video from MeetandStreet2023 Festival in Nürnberg, Germany by Phillip Meiners:
MeetandStreet23 by Phillip

-I got interviewed by Karin Majoka in her video made in Nürnberg at MeetandStreet2023:
MeetandStreet 2023 by Karin Majoka

-I got mentioned by Jochen Mueller in his News Video, he also shows my photos in the Metropolens Magazine
Streetphotography News by Jayshooter

-I have been interviewed by Thomas B. Jones in his Video about the 4th MeetandStreet Festival in Hamburg 2024
MeetandStreet24 by Thomas B. Jones

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